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What is Graphic Design?

Graphic Design - Puzzle ImageMost people have a vague idea of what Graphic Design consists of. When thinking of Graphic Design, we think of things like, creating logos for a business. Using Photoshop to create and or modify images. Creating magazine ads and laying out a newspaper. These items are but a small part of the larger Graphic Design picture. At its core, Graphic Design is Visual Communication, using text, typography, images, symbols, Video, audio, motion graphics and other forms of visual arts.


Look around! Graphic Design is everywhere. From looking at the ads on your morning cereal box to a poster you see at a music festival. The process of ordering an Uber Driver. Merging creativity with strategy, communication with brand savvy and aesthetics with logic. Graphic Design, in some form is everywhere you look. There are endless opportunities for graphic designers to make their mark!


Good communication skills are an essential part of the designer’s toolkit. Making pretty pictures or images is nice, but the most important part of the design process happens before she/he ever puts pen to paper. Designers must correctly interpret a client’s needs. At Adx Graphic Studios, we teach our designers’, Illustrators and artists how to listen closely to our customers. To do research, develop concepts and find the balance between creativity and professionalism.


Graphic Design - Brush Tablet CameraTo truly be a Graphic Designer, an artist must be a good communicator, must be capable of taking ordinary words, images, ideas and translating them into (works of art) that are meaningful and inviting to their customers.


The goal of every designer should be to bring order and clarity to the visual representation of information, and make that information easier for the viewer to understand. However, it's not just the principles that make you a good graphic designer. As technology continues to evolve, so must you as a Graphic Designer. It's imperative that you stay ahead trends, learn new technologies, and adapt as your clients need you to. Graphic Designers who don't evolve won't make it. It's that simple. That's the beauty of it. Everyone has their own unique interpretation of what beauty is, and how it's supposed to be. The Graphic Designer gets to create it!



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